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PANA Student Update


Hello fellow SRNA’s and Happy New Year!!!! It is this time of the year that I often find myself reflecting on the past and anticipating the new adventures and mysteries of the future. In 2016, I traveled to Zacapa, Guatemala on a medical mission trip to serve and minister to the underprivileged people of Santa Cruz and San Pablo. Our team spent five days in the villages providing specialized patient care to people of all ages. Some of my fondest memories were  caring for a family who had walked over three hours in the extreme heat, just to receive medications and physical examinations, and the young gentleman who received treatment for a foot infection during his attempt to cross the border with dreams of a better life.  For me, these life experiences can be summarized best by Shakespeare’s’ famous quote, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”.


As the New Year commences and my term as PANA student board representative begins, it will be my professional commitment and dedication to join forces with fellow students to breakdown bureaucratic barriers to nurse anesthesia practice. I encourage your attendance at the Mid-Year Assembly on April 5-9 in Washington, D.C., to learn and understand national policy, which relate to nurse anesthesia, and to be a heard voice in the political aspects of our profession. Lets gather together on Capital Hill to formally educate our Pennsylvania legislators on the most current and relevant literature that demonstrates why CRNA’s should practice to the fullest extent of their education and training. As we unite together, let our powerful voices within the healthcare system and community be heard by the legislators that govern our practice, so that we  can advance the CRNA practice in Pennsylvania and across the country.

As we embark on the new adventures of 2017, I encourage each of you to reflect on your gift. As a SRNA and future CRNA, you have a gift of safely and cost-effectively administering anesthetics to millions of surgical patients in a wide variety of healthcare settings. During the continuum of care, you are recognized as a multidisciplinary leader in which your professionalism, stewardship, and advocacy are held at the highest regard in patient care. In April, let us rise above the mediocrity of our current Pennsylvania statue to advocate for our elite profession so that we may independently administer anesthesia to people of all nations.

In closing, I wish you all a Happy New Year filled with love, prosperity, kindness, and good health. May this year be the year for positive change within your lives, as well as, our elite profession that we hold so dear to our hearts.


Lindsay Quirk, BSN, CCRN, SRNA
York College of Pennsylvania/Wellspan

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