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PAC Frequently Asked Questions
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PANA-PAC Frequently Asked Questions

What is PANA-PAC?

PANA established PANA-PAC to give Pennsylvania CRNAs a voice in Harrisburg. PANA-PAC is required by federal law to keep voluntary PANA member funds for state candidates’ elections and lobbying purposes separate from other Association funds.Therefore, only PAC funds may be used to contribute to candidates who support CRNA-favorable legislation, and those PAC funds must come from PANA members, not PANA’s operating budget.


Why is PANA-PAC important to me?

PANA-PAC is the legislative voice for CRNAs in Pennsylvania. Without PANA-PAC funds, our ability to lobby on behalf of CRNA practice & patient safety is impaired. Donating to PANA-PAC is one of the best ways to protect your ability to practice as a nurse anesthetist.

Where do PANA-PAC funds come from and when do they happen?

PANA-PAC requests voluntary donations mainly from PANA members and CRNA supporters. The fundraising solicitations are carried out in a variety of ways:

-In person (various times at PANA meetings)

-Special events (annually at the PANA Fall & Spring Symposia)

-Online donations (available year-round)


Are my PAC donations used to support partisan politics?

PANA-PAC is non-partisan and does not support candidates based on party affiliation. Instead, PANA-PAC provides support for candidates across party lines. PANA-PAC offers PANA’s members, regardless of their political affiliations, a legal and ethical way to speak with a unified voice on issues important to our profession at the state government level.


How can I donate?

Donations can be made online using a credit card. Donors can select a one-time option or to enroll in a monthly, automatic donation. PANA-PAC strongly encourages monthly donations so we can sustain our PAC well into the future. Checks or money orders made to "PANA-PAC” can be mailed to: PANA Processing Center, 17 South High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215. Federal law requires that you include your name, address, and employer for reporting purposes. All money must come from personal accounts - no corporate or business funds can be accepted.

Click HERE to donate online


What is the PANA-PAC Contribution Policy?

All PANA-PAC events will be an additional cost payable on the meeting registration form or at the applicable meeting site. Past donations are not credited to PAC event ticket purchases. All donations to PANA-PAC, including your purchases of tickets to PANA-PAC events, must come from personal funds, not corporate or employer funds. PANA-PAC contributions are not tax-deductible nor reimbursable by your employer.


What is the relationship between the PANA-PAC and AANA’s CRNA- PAC?

AANA’s CRNA-PAC is a federal PAC allocating dollars to federal candidates on behalf of the CRNAs. PANA-PAC cannot give funds to federal candidates, and cannot contribute to CRNA-PAC.